The Old School House Orthodontic Centre fees

We are dedicated to providing open and honest orthodontic care with transparent pricing.

When you decide on orthodontic treatment, your Specialist Orthodontist at The Old School House Orthodontic Centre will create a fully personalised treatment plan, clearly explaining the recommended treatment along with all options that may be available to you, including with the relevant fee. There are no hidden costs or surprises. 

We have invested in additional, premium PPE, extra equipment and implemented new decontamination and safety procedures of the very highest standards that all our practice colleagues and clinicians are fully trained in.

Consequently, when you visit any Portman Dental Care practice during the COVID-19, you’ll notice a surcharge on top of the usual fees. This contributes to the additional investment now needed to ensure continued safety measures are adhered to. This may only be for a short time and is something we will be regularly reviewing.

Fees for teeth straightening treatment can vary from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the individual case, the materials used and the length of treatment. Your Specialist Orthodontist will be able to discuss your treatment options with you at your consultation.

We also offer payment plans to help spread the costs of your routine care. Our latest treatment prices are below.



Private initial examination£100
Private records and consultation£100

Teeth straightening

Invisalign comprehensive - upper and lowerFrom £4000
Discreet fixed braces (ceramic) - upper and lowerFrom £3995
Discreet fixed braces - ceramic upper, metal lowerFrom £3895
Iconix fixed braces (champagne) - upper and lowerFrom £3795
Classic fixed braces (metal) - upper and lowerFrom £3595

Platinum Programme

For children who may not qualify for NHS treatment, we have developed Platinum fixed metal braces.

Initial examination - NHS referralFree if NHS assessment completed
Initial examination - private referral£100
Records and consultation£70
Single archFrom £1455
Upper and lower archesFrom £2140
Removable appliance and fixed treatmentFrom £2760

Teeth whitening

Initial exam £70
At home treatment (Optident)£200

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