Fixed braces

What Are Fixed Metal Braces?

Most people require the use of a fixed orthodontic appliance if substantial moving and adjustment is required to the teeth. Fixed metal braces are the standard pair of braces you see that are used by many school children and teenagers, they are also known as “train tracks”

The braces are small designed metal or ceramic plates called brackets, which are bonded to each tooth. In some cases metal rings called bands are fitted at the very back of the mouth. The brackets will then be attached to a thin metal wire, which is know as an archwire. The wire is held in place by elastic rings or thin wires called ligatures. These elastics now come in a range of colours to help brighten your smile during treatment.

The braces are adjusted periodically at regular intervals to achieve the best results possible, straighten teeth and correct the bite.

What to expect with appearance

Modern brackets have been dramatically improved to provide a more discrete appearance. The surface area of each bracket has been reduced and a range of elastic colours now provides a choice. There is also no plastic in the roof of the mouth allowing a natural taste of foods to remain and flavour can be fully enjoyed. This product is a full time treatment which is extremely effective for most orthodontic needs. The treatment can last anywhere up to 2-3 years on average.

Fixed braces are good for achieving fine detail, they may take a bit longer than others, but offer efficient and effective results.

What we can do for you?

Remember it is not just the product that assures your teeth are aligned perfectly, it’s the Orthodontists experience that also plays another massive part. So we can promise that our vast experience will allow you to receive the best results possible. Book a consultation today, so we can prove to you that our team is the one you want to achieve that great smile with.

*Please note that during consultation alternate methods and brands may be recommended, subject to patient suitability with the aim of bringing you the best treatment results and value.

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