Teeth straightening

How your teeth look can affect your self confidence, and making the decision to straighten your teeth can be exciting and a little daunting. You may be excited about having a new, straight smile, but concerned about how you will look while your teeth are changing.

At The Old School House we offer traditional braces, but we also have options for near-invisible teeth straightening solutions. No-one will know you are wearing braces, so you can keep smiling even through treatment.  

Clear braces

Ortho Patient, Kettering

Clear braces, use tooth coloured brackets, which blend in with your natural teeth to ensure your treatment is as discreet as possible. 

    Fixed braces

    Lady With Headscarf Ortho, Kettering

    Fixed metal braces are the standard pair of braces you see that are used by many school children and teenagers


      Teeth whitening

      At The Old School House we can make your dreams of a white smile a reality. Teeth whitening is a simple treatment with immediate results, and can boost your self-confidence.

        The practice & team

        Meet the team

        At The Old School House Orthodontic Centre our highly skilled, friendly team shares the same single vision: we put you first.